Friday, November 9, 2007

The Latest Addition to "Gathering"

As previously posted, the next show is a group show entitled "Gathering". No heavy theme, just a gathering of all different types of artists to give an art related holiday shopping option and to help benefit the NW Harvest food bank. The latest artist to throw their hat in the ring is Mike Scheer. Mike does art in many mediums, including video (you may have seen a video he did for Built to Spill) that has a sweet, fantastical theme. Here's a sample of his work. The title of this one is "Creature Sitting on Tree Stump Reaching into Snake's Mouth
to Retrieve Stolen Platypus Egg with Platypus
Mike uses a technique called "Haystacking" which is basically tiny dots that overlap into lines - the same technique as with pointilism, but with a ball point pen instead of colored paint. This is just one of many painstaking originals on his site, which I highly recommend you visit:

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jason said...

mike's work is superb! a must see....