Sunday, November 18, 2007

Next Show: Gathering

A group show for narrative artists that also benefits the Northwest Harvest Food Bank

When: December 7 – January 30, 2007.
Opening Friday Dec. 7, 6-9pm

Participating artists to date:
Billy Morehouse
Josh Slater
Jessica Logsdon
Chris Ryniak
Jason Kronenwald
Ryan Hobson
Rachel Maxi
Kellie Talbot
Joey Veltkamp
Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley
Keith Noordzy

Holiday Greetings

Gosh, it really happened fast this year...
So here we have a little detail from a piece that Kamala Dolphin Kingsley is submitting. I sent out a big email today with the latest news and a sneak preview of Gathering. In a couple weeks I'll send and post all the details about the opening, especially info on the food drive that we're doing for Northwest Harvest. Yes, a food drive. And we're not talking bulk rice and beans and bread, but more info later...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Logik -al

I can't let another poor internet access day go by without updating my favorite...
There's another new artist for gathering. The list is by no means complete. I have another almost week to flesh out the final roster. The generosity of the artists involved is already impressive. Enthusiasm is a rare gift. Here is a little sample of a soon to be famous NY based artist who goes by LogikOne. I want to showcase everyone and every piece on this blog but I also want to not spoil the surprise.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Artists and News

Chris Ryniak has some monsters to add to the "Gathering" show. He has this cool book that, I believe, is self published. It's only $15 and available on his site.
This next art show is actually also going to be a fundraiser for NW Harvest, which is a local food bank organization that provides food to over 300 independent food banks and meal programs throughout Washington State.
I'm not ashamed to admit that many lean years as a starving artist acquainted me with the Fremont and U-District food banks. One time they had crates and abundant crates of strawberries that were a day away from dissolving into puddles. I used them in a series of still life photos and then we all ate as many as we could. They were going to have to be thrown away anyway. So food banks help creative minds in more ways than one.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Art for "Gathering" - Gum Blondes

This is turning out to be a super cool group show. I have signed on another artist named Jason Kronenwald who does portraits of blonde starlets with Trident Gum. He doesn't chew it all himself unless he has to. This might be one of the one's in the show:

Friday, November 9, 2007

"Art That Tells or Sells"

That's the new motto for Vermillion. Last night there were helicopters flying around the neighborhood and it felt like LA. I couldn't sleep anyway, but this is when my best brainstorming happens. Every gallery has a theme or focus and I want to show mostly narrative, representational and pop art in their most broad definitions. Pop art, for example, can be like the Riswold stuff we showed in August/Sept. or more like pop-surrealism.

I've finally condensed it into something more of a soundbite: "Art That Tells or Sells" - A product, idea, feeling or story. I'm still fleshing out the details but that's it for now. You're going to see illustrators, painters, photographers etc... who have a knack for one or more of those four elements.

The Latest Addition to "Gathering"

As previously posted, the next show is a group show entitled "Gathering". No heavy theme, just a gathering of all different types of artists to give an art related holiday shopping option and to help benefit the NW Harvest food bank. The latest artist to throw their hat in the ring is Mike Scheer. Mike does art in many mediums, including video (you may have seen a video he did for Built to Spill) that has a sweet, fantastical theme. Here's a sample of his work. The title of this one is "Creature Sitting on Tree Stump Reaching into Snake's Mouth
to Retrieve Stolen Platypus Egg with Platypus
Mike uses a technique called "Haystacking" which is basically tiny dots that overlap into lines - the same technique as with pointilism, but with a ball point pen instead of colored paint. This is just one of many painstaking originals on his site, which I highly recommend you visit:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Seattle Weekly

Yow! Got a fantastic writeup by Carrie E. A. Scott in the Seattle Weekly. Here's the link: Seattle Weekly Review

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Post

Yeah, I know, it's not an original title for the "first post" but I am practically delirious with irritation. For the love of kittens, why is Clearwire so slow? I just have to complain about this and get it off my chest. I hate it. Clearwire sucks, people. I did a CNET test of the bandwidth speed and we're clocking in at 190 kbps on a $40/month subscription that is part of a 2 year contract that I'm stuck with.

Ok, on to better things, albeit, very sloooooowwwwwly...........

This is the Vermillion blogspot. As you can see by the "about me", Vermillion is a gallery in Seattle that recently opened. I'm the owner and I'm going to attempt to use this as possibly a more casual blog. I kind of hate myspace, and friendster. I just can't get into them but I'll also attempt to keep those sites updated. It's just too many things to try to think of, remember, format, etc... Myspace is super fug, in my opinion, no matter how much people tweak it. I know a thing or two about programming and design and I think myspace is probably the hardest thing in the world to wrap your head around. I'm pretty sure somebody is going to invent one interface that you can use to update all of your networking sites at once.

The reason I like blogger is because it is fairly simple and it is actually turning out to be a cool way for artists to show their work. I can say firsthand that I have curated shows solely by what I've seen on an artists blogger site, regardless of whether the artist has an "official" site or not. Blogger is pretty straightforward and it is part of my google sign in so that makes it easy too.

Well, enough about that. I'm now going to start linking to other artists' blogger sites to give a better idea of what Vermillion is all about and who I admire. I will also post their work here if they don't mind.

Thanks for reading, send me suggestions and comments! Diana Adams