Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sorren and Screen

The bar is finished and we are applying the endless layers of lacquer to the top. We're showing Joe Sorren in the front window while we finish up the back. Joe is one of the most successful artists in the Pop Surrealism realm and has appeared on the cover of Communication Arts, inside Juxtapoz, and has had a few solo exhibits at prominent galleries nationwide. This is a limited edition print that is in a custom frame and behind UV Plexi. It's approximately 32x52". Inquire for price.

We also put up a giant 10'x10' movie screen in the back, which has been loaned to us by Jon Behrens, so look forward to some 16mm movie nights in the near future.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

BittersweetsNY on the Today Show

I forgot to post this last week but it's still not too late for Valentines Day! My sister had her jewelry featured on the Today Show last week. There's a store called "Store Adore" that compiles cool sites and her shop, BittersweetsNY was one of them. Here's the link - it's the second to last item in the segment (around 3:15)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Leilani Lanes

Here is finally an update as to how the rest of the buildout is going. Jerry is putting the old Leilani Lanes on top of the bar and we're going to paint the floors this week. The art is in hiatus for February to keep things from getting bumped or dusty during the big construction push. We're hoping to open the entire place in March with a grand opening art show and full wine bar.
More updates soon!

Kellie Talbot

The ever talented Kellie Talbot was nice enough to drop this amazing painting by for inclusion in the semi-permanent salon at The Hideout. Drop by for a drink and see it in person.


Here's Ryan getting interviewed for the news:

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Serial Attention

Sometimes I forget; this blog won't write itself! Cripes, this got a lot of attention. It started with Regina Hackett at the PI. Then KOMO 4 picked it up which brought it to the attention of Ken Scram, who blessed it with a "Schrammie". Now Ryan Hobson, the game's creator, is getting solicited by every news agency in the country. Keep your eyes peeled for something to run on Fox News, Chicago Public Radio, and others.

Of course, this all happens three days before the Gathering show is over, which is a mixed blessing - we don't get the benefit of the national publicity directly, but we also don't have to deal with the fanatical critics or morbidly curious masses. Rest assured, Ryan really is a nice kid and we wish him success with getting the game produced, regardless of the complaints that its tasteless. We live in a tasteless society (that has a bizarrely wide knowledge of Serial Killer Trivia, thanks to movies, books and the media).