Saturday, February 20, 2010

Portfolio Reviews at PCNW

I've been invited to be a reviewer for a Photographic Center Northwest Members' Event: Foto Revu, Saturday, February 7

The FOTO REVU is a unique opportunity for members to receive one-on-one professional critiques by some of the Northwest's most respected people in the field of photography including gallery owners, museum curators, publishers, artists & educators. In the last decade photo review events have become the primary venue for fine art photographers to network & show their work to people that can make a difference in their future. Experiencing Foto Revu is an excellent stepping stone to participating in the international review events such as Fotofest, Review LA, Photolucida, PhotoNOLA and Review Santa Fe.


Northwest filmmaker Jon Behrens hosts and curates this new film series that is held once a month at the Vermillion Gallery. Each month a different film program. So we would like to invite you down to the Vermillion and enjoy a free movie and have a drink and maybe get something to eat . All the films screened are shown on beautiful 16mm and are from Jon Behrens and friends private collections of film prints.

I have paired two classic Japanese films from ToHo studios, these are the people who brought you loads of giant monster movies during the 1950's through the 00's . This time the monsters are mother nature. The first film is GORATH (1962) The film depicts a runaway star on a collision course with Earth in the then-future decade of the 1980s. Unlike most other impact event stories, in which mankind must abandon the Earth (When Worlds Collide) or destroy the threat (Deep Impact, Armageddon), Gorath sees humanity attempt to avert disaster by disengaging Earth from its own orbit around the Sun. The Second film is Tidal Wave (1974) This is a badly re-edited and "Americanized" version of a popular Japanese disaster movie, The Submersion of Japan (1973). The trouble begins when scientists learn that Japan's islands are sinking and must be evacuated within two years. The story chronicles the ways in which various people react to the decree.