Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Lights: Explorations in Self-Illuminated Art

Winter Lights: Explorations in Self-Illuminated Art

Open Thursday, Jan 14, 2010 through Feb 7, 2010
Opening night party, 5 - 8pm, Jan 14th

Artists panel discussion on Wed, Jan 20th, 7:30 - 8:30pm.

As winter nights become long and dark, we rely on electricity to lighten our spirits. This show reflects the human fascination with manipulating light and electricity to shape sensory experience. Works from eight artists and art groups will both delight the senses through self-illumination, and intrigue the mind through their exploration of technology as a creative medium. You'll find projects ranging from small animated light sculptures, to large scale, interactive computer vision and laser displays.


Curated by Shelly Farnham, Eric McNeill, and friends of Dorkbot. Shelly Farnham and Eric McNeill have been on the Dorkbot-Seattle committee since 2005. Dorkbot-Seattle showcases innovative trends in contemporary art by bringing together artists and technologists who work with electricity in a significant way either in their art or in its creation.

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